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How long have you been in business?

Scott has been in the high end jewelry business for over 30 years. He started focusing on vintage and modern luxury timepieces when he started HQ Milton in 2008.    

Do you source specific watches for customers?

Our inventory comes to us organically, so we never know what we are going to have from week to week. Keep a regular eye on our website and Instagram to see when we get a timepiece that catches your eye.

How do I book an appointment if I happen to be in town?

Email us at We do not keep our inventory on display so you will need to let us know which specific timepiece you are interested in viewing, as well as presenting identification prior to your arrival. We have 30 minute appointments available Monday - Thursday, therefore recommend selecting 3 timepieces to view.


How often should I have my watch serviced?

Our rule of thumb is to let the watch tell you when it needs to be serviced. If it stops keeping time well, it may be time for a service.

How do I know this piece is authentic?

HQ Milton is a small company established in 2008 by the owner, Scott. Combining his industry experience with our watchmaker's training and experience, we confidently guarantee the authenticity of each timepiece. Our reputation is built on this.  We back our timepieces with a 100% money back guarantee.

Which watch should I buy?

Purchase the piece that you would love to see on your wrist. Yes, history has shown that Rolexes appreciate or retain their value over time but we recommend buying the watch you genuinely like. 


What is your purchase process?

You can purchase any watch listed for sale on our website or you can email us at to assist you with your purchase. Once you've committed to a timepiece, we will wait for your payment to hit our account and then we'll ship it out to you that day. Note that we cannot ship on Fridays, so any payments for watches that are received after 2:30pm PST on Thursday or during the day on Friday will ship the following business day.

Selling A Watch

How do I sell my watch?

Please submit details and photos of your watch via this form. We need clear photos of the dial/case/bracelet and accessories. Please note any chips/nicks/scratches on the crystal and if the watch is running well. We will evaluate it as a team and we will email to let you know our offer.  If you accept an offer we've made, we will have you send the watch to us.  If you are in the USA, then we can send you a pre-paid and insured shipping label.  If you are outside the USA, then you will need to ship/insure the package to us. Once we receive the watch we will give it an inspection to verify the authenticity, the stated condition, and that the watch is running well. Once that is complete, we will wire you the funds according to the instructions you provide. 

How long does it take to get an offer on my watch?

First of all, thank you for considering HQ Milton. We are a small, family business so there are times that are busier than others. During the week, we try to get back to you within 24-36 hours, but it may take us a little longer when weekends or holidays are involved. We try to balance our love of watches with the love of our families, so our response time may reflect that. 

What brands do you buy?

We are most interested in Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Audemars Piguet. We will also take a look at IWC, Jaeger Le Coutre, Tudor, Cartier, and Omega. If you have another brand, feel free to send it for our review and we can let you know if we are interested.  

Are you an authorized dealer?

No, we are a secondary market dealer. Our pieces have been previously owned but sometimes they come to us brand new and unworn.    

How do you come up with your offers?

Our offers are based on the individual condition of the timepiece, the demand in the secondary market, and the management of our inventory.    


Do you do consignments?

Yes, we consider consigning pieces for customers. Higher priced luxury watches or pieces that might have a smaller customer base are examples of what we may consider for consigning.

How much is your fee for consignments?

There is a $450 set up fee and our consignment fee is up to 15% of the total purchase price.


Do you do trades?

Yes, we consider watch trades.

How do I trade my watch towards one in your inventory?

Please complete our form and let us know which watch you are interested in trading towards. 


Are your packages insured during shipping?

Yes, we use a third party insurance company to insure our packages.    

Do you do appraisals?

We can provide an appraisal for insurance purposes if it is requested at the time of purchase. If your purchase is over a year prior, the appraisal may be subject to a fee.  We do not provide appraisals for watches that are not from HQ Milton.

Payment Options

What are my payment options?

Payment is by bank wire transfer. International payment is by wire only. The item will ship after the funds are received in our bank account.

Do you offer payment plans/financing?

We do not offer a payment plan at this time.

How do I know you have received my payment?

We will notify you via email that your payment has been received and when your watch is being processed to ship. Depending on the payment method, the funds take 1-5 days to arrive into our account as the processing companies have different processing times. If payment was made by credit card or 3rd party, we may contact you to verify your identity. Once your watch is ready for shipping, you will receive tracking information.

Shipping Information

Where do you ship?

We ship anywhere in the United States and to most international locations. Some locations may require additional insurance. You can read more about our shipping policy here, or contact us to find out if we can ship to your country. The buyer is responsible for import/custom fees and/or taxes. 

How do I receive my package?

You will need to sign for your package, so please ship it to a location you will be available to do so. 

What company do you use to ship?

Our preferred vendor is FedEx. Domestically, we use FedEx Overnight Priority. For international orders it will ship via FedEx's highest international priority.

When will it ship?

Your watch will ship once the funds reach our bank account. Depending on your method of payment, it can take up to 5 business days after you complete your payment. If funds are received by 2:30PM (PST), your package will ship that afternoon (Monday - Thursday). You will receive a shipping confirmation and tracking number once your product is packed. 

We do not ship on Fridays, so if received after 2:30PM (PST) on Thursday or Friday, the package will ship on the following Monday or next business day if there is a US bank holiday.  

Where is my package?

You should have received a tracking number for your order. You can check where your package is from the vendor's website.  


What if I'm not happy with my purchase?

We have a 3 business day return policy. Should you wish to return your watch within that time, we will refund the purchase price less shipping, insurance, and any transaction fees (i.e. credit card processing fees). If you are within the USA, we will send you a shipping label for returns. If you are outside of the USA, you will have to ship and provide insurance. Once we receive the piece, we will give it an inspection to make sure it is in the same condition as it was sent to you and then we will issue your refund via wire transfer. You will need to provide your wiring information. 

If a watch was sent to you with stickers or in an unworn condition, and the stickers were removed or there are marks on the watch, then there will be a price adjustment to reflect the value degradation. We do not process returns on Fridays, so your refund will be issued the following business day. You can read more about our policies here.